Below you will find some of the most common questions we are often asked regarding our Cast Stone products.
If you have any questions that are not seen below however, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01422 208725.

What’s The Advantage Of Semi-Dry Cast Stone Over Quarried Stone?2020-11-16T14:54:46+00:00

The advantage of the Semi-Dry Cast over quarried natural stone:

  • Lower cost of production
  • Short production times
  • Lower moister absorption rate
  • High environmental resistance
  • Using different materials and dyes allows for a greater colour spectrum
How Far Do You Deliver?2020-11-16T14:40:07+00:00

We are based in West Yorkshire but can deliver all over the UK wherever needed – we are prepared to go the extra mile to help

What Stone Pieces Can You Produce?2020-11-16T14:34:18+00:00

We have a wide selection of standard stone units that are produced on a daily basis. Specifications of these can be found on our Product Pages.
We can also cast bespoke pieces to your requirements, to find out more about our bespoke services please call 01422 208725 or contact us through our Online Contact Form.

Will Cast Stone Last?2020-11-16T14:33:56+00:00

Cast stone is indeed durable, with higher resistance to water absorption, freezing, thawing and abrasion, cast stone can be used in place of natural cut stone, which is why it is favoured by architects and contractors.


How Much Does It Cost?2020-11-16T14:37:47+00:00

Our stone prices vary and depend on the project itself and the manufacturing time required.
For a detailed quote please contact us.

What Time Frames Would I Be Looking At?2020-11-16T14:45:11+00:00

This will depend on our current workload and what is required from yourself.
Our standard products will have shorter lead times, however the time frame may increase for more bespoke products.

For more help with your specific project and more estimations on lead times please call our team.

What Is Wet Cast?2020-11-16T14:46:48+00:00

Wet Cast is a process of using a mould to construct a single unit from smaller aggregate, similar to the process of making concrete.
While having longer lead times Wet-Cast Stone can be reinforced allowing for use within structural construction.

What Is Semi-Dry Cast Stone?2020-11-16T14:53:34+00:00

Semi-Dry Cast Stone is often designed for decorative use only and is cast using a two-part system, with the facing colour sand-mix and a coarser backing aggregate for extra strength.

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